Bound for Love

There are dozens of fetish groups and organizations in Minnesota, some dating back as long as 40 years. According to FetLife, the global kink social network, there are nearly 12,000 registered fetish practitioners in our state. You wouldn’t know it from looking at us, because the citizenry hardly wear their sexual peccadilloes on their long sleeves. Bound for Love delves into the Twin Cities fetish scene through the lives of the 8 characters in City Pages’ Valentine’s Day issue. We explore specific fetishes like latex and pony play, and what vanilla people can learn from the kink community.

Featuring Mistress Jean Bardot, Charger, Sybil, Bondage Mischief, Lady Lin, and Amy, John and Joshua of Free Range Silicone.

Read Bound for Love, and find scintillating slideshows HERE

Credits: Rebecca McDonald [Director of Photography, Producer, Director, Editor] | S L E E P E R [Music] B FRESH Productions [Photography] | Pony Boy by Future Lisa | Special thanks to Mark Graff and Bardot Studios. To see more music from S L E E P E R, please visit: To see more music from Future Lisa, please visit:

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