DREAMING in ARCHIVES is an intimate journey of uncovering peace, hidden in-between relics, in the shadows of unpublished interviews, on family home videos, and behind the words on postcards and in journals. As a descendant of a long line of documentarians, I, Rebecca McDonald, am called to continue my family legacy of unearthing truths and carrying on tradition with the help of my sacred family archives. I am a proud witness of my ancestors’ powerful stories, and I offer to you, DREAMING in ARCHIVES– one example documenting a path of discovery. Through navigating the wars of the world, and the outward manifestations of war that rages inside, I’ve come to know that in order to make peace within the world, I must find peace within. This installation is dedicated to the Goodwin Family, my grandparents Frank and Bertha Stinson, and my father, Frank Stinson Jr.

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