Soul Food Junkies

It was an honor to work with Byron Hurt on his film, Soul Food Junkies. Rebecca McDonald provided additional cinematography for the film, as well as serving as Assistant Camera, Production Assistant, and Production Still Photographer. The film premiered on PBS’ Independent Lens on January 14, 2013. For more information, please visit PBS.

In #SoulFoodJunkies, filmmaker Byron Hurt explores the health advantages and disadvantages of soul food, a quintessential American cuisine. Hurt sets out on a historical and culinary journey to learn more about the soul food tradition and its relevance to black cultural identity. Through candid interviews with soul food cooks, historians, and scholars, as well as with doctors, family members, and everyday people, the film puts this culinary tradition under the microscope to examine both its positive and negative consequences. Hurt also explores the socioeconomic conditions in predominantly black neighborhoods, where it can be difficult to find healthy options, and meets some pioneers in the emerging food justice movement who are challenging the food industry, encouraging communities to “go back to the land” by creating sustainable and eco-friendly gardens, advocating for healthier options in local supermarkets, supporting local farmers’ markets, avoiding highly processed fast foods, and cooking healthier versions of traditional soul food.


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